Wayin Alcohol Set Resin Dye Vibrant High Concentrated Ink

Wayin Alcohol Set Resin Dye Vibrant High Concentrated Ink

Wayin Alcohol Set Resin Dye Vibrant High Concentrated Ink

Wayin Alcohol Set Resin Dye Vibrant High Concentrated Ink

Showcase your creativity with our new alcohol ink collection. Our 20 bottles vibrant epoxy resin dye set provides vivid color choices for any DIY activities. Meet all the needs of creating bright beautiful crafts you desire. They’re non-toxic, irritant-free, and safe for kids and adults to use.

Premium Quality Alcohol Resin Dye Perfect Color Choice

A little drop of our highly concentrated alcohol resin dye can go a long way. Mix and blend colors to make millions of unique variations. Each tube is labeled and easy to use with a child-resistant closure design. Our alcohol ink set offers endless possibilities for DIY crafts and much more.

Wide Selection of Colors

Our alcohol-based inks come in a beautiful range of brilliant intensely pigmented colors, including normal white, advanced white, black, brown, coffee, royal blue, blue, cerulean, green, lime, citrine, yellow, orange, pink, peach red, red, fuchsia, purple, and violet. The two colors of white in the set help spread other colors quickly and achieve deeper and larger effects compared to normal white.

Highly Concentrated and Smooth Blendable

Our alcohol-based transparent ink is highly concentrated to ensure great depth and vibrance. A little can go a long way. You can also dilute the inks by mixing them with alcohol to achieve lighter colors. Shake up the pigment bottle before use for best results.

Multi-Purpose – Versatile 3D Alcohol Inks Set

Our brilliantly vibrant alcohol ink dye is widely used in epoxy resin art, resin painting, glitter tumbler making, resin coasters, tumbler making, YUPO paper, acrylic painting, and other alcohol ink art. Please note that it is not suitable for UV resin. Be cautious of the amount of ink used as it may affect resin curing.

Child-Resistant Closure Design – No Leak

Our liquid resin dye is sealed in bottles to prevent leaks and mess. The dropper design with a precision tip allows for easy control of the amount used. When cutting the bottles, please be careful of spills.

  • 20 bottles vibrant lasting shades and intense gorgeous colors
  • Highly concentrated and smooth blendable
  • Multi-purpose – versatile 3D alcohol inks set
  • Child-resistant closure design – no leak

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can these alcohol inks be used on other surfaces besides epoxy resin?
  2. Yes, our alcohol inks can be used on various surfaces such as YUPO paper, acrylic painting, and resin coasters.

  3. Are these inks safe for children to use?
  4. Yes, our alcohol inks are non-toxic and safe for kids and adults to use.

  5. How long does the ink last?
  6. The longevity of the ink depends on the usage. However, our highly concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way.


Discover the endless possibilities of creativity with our Wayin Alcohol Set Resin Dye. With vibrant colors, high concentration, and smooth blendability, you can create stunning DIY crafts and epoxy resin projects. Our child-resistant closure design ensures no leaks or mess. Let your imagination go wild and enjoy the fun of craft art DIY with our alcohol ink set.