SunGrow Gecko Coco Den with Ladder – The Perfect Hideout for Your Pet

SunGrow Gecko Coco Den with Ladder – The Perfect Hideout for Your Pet

SunGrow Gecko Coco Den with Ladder – The Perfect Hideout for Your Pet

SunGrow Gecko Coco Den with Ladder – The Perfect Hideout for Your Pet

Why is it Important for your Pets to Engage in Some Physical Activity?

In their native habitat, they have to “earn” their food and not everything is served on a silver platter. This searching, exploring, and hunting for food keeps them healthy. But for the lizards who are a pet, it is up to their owner to provide them with toys and activities to keep them fit. A pet that has no adequate exercise will most likely end up having health problems early on in their life. SunGrow’s Coco House with Ladder promotes muscle workout. It will encourage your common house gecko to climb and enjoy a little rugged physical play.

What are the Negative Consequences if Lizards Get to do No Physical Activity?

In the wild, lizards find their food and indulge in several other survival-related activities which give them an intense physical workout. However, the pet in a cage has very limited opportunities. Hence, pet owners should do whatever they can to maximize their pets’ opportunities to move around and to exercise. The Lizard House by SunGrow gives them this opportunity by keeping treats inside it. It makes your lizards active by providing physical exercise to them in order to get the treat.

Perfect for Both Outdoor and Indoor

The coconut husk by SunGrow is the perfect birdhouse for your garden. You can either hang this indoors if you own a small cage or install it in a large cage as a decorative play item. It includes a hanging loop and a rough wooden rope ladder for added stimulation and beauty.

Other Pets can Also Enjoy this Coconut Shell

This SunGrow coconut shell house comes with a standard size of 5.1 inches (13 cm) in diameter with an opening of about 2.3 inches (6 cm). This is suitable for small birds such as finches, sparrows, robins, and parakeets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are plastic feeders suitable for my pet?

No, plastic feeders are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to your redundant old plastic models and get a stylish update in your pet’s cage. This coconut shell hide-house by SunGrow provides the perfect hollow space for placing food or when they just want to nap in a sheltered space.

2. Does the SunGrow Gecko house provide shelter from extreme temperatures?

Yes, the SunGrow Gecko house is made from one of the strongest materials ensuring its durability. It is the perfect shelter for your lizards even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, this coconut shell house will never rust, unlike any other metal alternatives. Also, its unprocessed composition makes it highly attractive to your pets. It is the crested gecko’s favorite hideaway and you may spot your reptile sleeping inside it.

3. How does the SunGrow Gecko house assist in my pet’s exercise?

The rough wooden rope ladder and coconut fibers provide a variety of textures which encourage the muscular exercise of your pet. It will keep him/her healthy and active. Both crested and leopard geckos love crawling up and down the ladder. Watch them waiting on the ladder and grabbing their treats from the hole inside.

4. Is the SunGrow Gecko house made from a genuine product?

Yes, the SunGrow home for your gecko is made from a real coconut husk. Also, this tropical island-inspired lizard house will add an exotic vibe to your pet’s cage. As it is a raw product, it will also blend nicely into your home, unlike plastic or metallic models. This quality of the product makes it the perfect house for your scaly friend.

5. What pets can fit in the SunGrow Gecko house?

On average, the lizard house has an opening diameter of 2.4 inches and the coconut shell diameter is about 5.1 inches. As these are raw products, the measurement can vary a bit though. It has enough room not just for baby lizards and geckos, but it can even accommodate avian species like finch, canary, songbird, hummingbird. Apart from these, flying squirrel, ferret, rat, mice, and hamster will also love this product.

Discover the SunGrow Gecko Coco Den with Ladder, the perfect hideout for your pet lizard. This unique coconut shell house provides a stimulating environment for your pet, promoting exercise and mental stimulation. Learn more about its benefits and why it’s a must-have for lizard owners.