Sander Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander – Product Description

Sander Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander – Product Description

Sander, Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander – Product Description

Sander, Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander


The Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander is a powerful and efficient electric sander designed for woodworking projects. With its 6 variable speeds, dust collection box, and lightweight design, this sander offers exceptional performance and convenience.

Main Features

  • 220W Powerful Motor: The Jellas electric sander is equipped with a 220W pure copper motor, providing ample power for fast material removal.
  • Variable Speed: With 6 adjustable speeds ranging from 6000rpm to 12000rpm, this sander allows for precise control in various sanding applications.
  • Hook and Loop & Clamping Mechanism: The hook-and-loop base pad enables quick and easy sandpaper changes, while also accepting a regular clamping mechanism. The sander comes with 12pcs of sanding sheets in 5 different grits for light sanding and smooth finishing.
  • Efficient Self-cleaning System: The sander features a vacuum system with strong dust suction, ensuring efficient dust collection. The large diameter dust container is equipped with a micro filter system to keep the work area clean. The all-round dust-proof switch design and special buckle ensure secure attachment of the dust container.
  • Low Vibration & Lightweight: The 1/3 sheet sander is built with a counterbalance system to reduce vibration and noise. Its lightweight design, weighing only 1.53kg, and low center of gravity make it easy to handle and operate with minimal vibration and noise.
  • Aluminum Base Plate: The Jellas electric sander features a solid aluminum sanding plate for durability and even sanding. The 2mm oscillation travel increases efficiency in finishing sanding. It is ideal for sanding tabletops, floors, doors, cabinets, skirting boards, and more.


The Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander is a versatile and reliable tool for all your woodworking needs. Its powerful motor, variable speed settings, efficient dust collection system, and lightweight design make it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re sanding wood, metal, or plastic, removing old paint or rust, this sander delivers exceptional performance and precision. Invest in the Jellas 220W 1/3 Sheet Sander and experience the difference it can make in your projects.