SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System

SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System

SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System

SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System


The SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System is a revolutionary solution designed to enhance customer service and communication in various industries. Whether you are in a restaurant, hotel, or hospital, this system ensures that you can easily reach out for assistance with just a press of a button.


Waterproof and Convenient

The SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the elderly. With its waterproof feature, it can be used in any environment without worrying about damage. The system is also user-friendly, making it easy for older individuals to operate.

Improved Communication

With the SINGCALL system, you no longer have to search for waiters or waitresses when you need assistance. By simply pressing the button near you, your request will be displayed on the receiver’s screen with a notification sound or vibration, ensuring that your needs are attended to promptly.

Product Specifications


  • Key number: 2 (FUN and ENT)
  • Key life: Million times
  • Number of display: 10 scrolling numbers
  • Screen: OLED monochrome screen
  • Display type: a group of three-digit or five-digit number (with storage function)
  • Battery capacity: 150mAh
  • Vibration time: 1 to 15 seconds
  • Receiving sensibility: -114dbm
  • Pager capacity: 500
  • Prompt mode: Vibration only
  • Standby time: 5 days
  • Number deleting mode: manually, automatically
  • Calling number display: all positions can be set with English letter or digit(0-9, A-Z)
  • Screen Size: 1.9*1.0*0.6 inches(48*25*15mm)


  • Design: Square and round
  • Appearance: Simple and fashionable
  • Button: Super big touching button for convenient calling
  • Waterproof: Full waterproof handling with a simple pushing bottom base
  • Registration: Simple registration process with a far transmitting distance
  • Size: 3.39*3.39*0.69 inches(86*86*17.5mm)
  • Transmitting distance: 130-200ft indoors, 1600ft in the open air
  • Encode and decode mode: Registration mode
  • Included accessories: Screw*2, sticker*1 to fix pager

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System work?

The system consists of buttons for guests to use and a signal receiver for waiters or attendants. When a guest needs assistance, they simply press the button near them. The receiver will display the guest’s desk number with a notification sound or vibration, allowing the staff to attend to their needs promptly.

2. Is the SINGCALL system suitable for the elderly?

Yes, the SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System is designed with the elderly in mind. It is waterproof and user-friendly, making it convenient and accessible for older individuals to use.

3. How far can the SINGCALL system transmit signals?

The transmitting distance of the SINGCALL system is approximately 130-200ft indoors and up to 1600ft in the open air. This ensures that the signals can reach the receiver even in large establishments.

4. Can I customize the calling number display?

Yes, the SINGCALL system allows you to set the calling number display with English letters or digits (0-9, A-Z). This customization feature ensures that you can easily identify the source of the call.


The SINGCALL Wireless Service Calling System is a game-changer in the service industry. With its innovative features, such as waterproof design, user-friendly interface, and long transmitting distance, it greatly improves communication between guests and staff. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for assistance and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the SINGCALL system.

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