Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders – Minami and MAI

Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders – Minami and MAI

Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders – Minami and MAI

Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders – Minami and MAI


Welcome to the delightful universe of Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders. In this article, we will introduce you to Minami and MAI, two charming 1/35 scale figures that will add a touch of cuteness to your collection. These adorable characters are perfect for both model enthusiasts and fans of kawaii fashion.

Meet Minami and MAI

Minami – The Fashionista

Minami is a trendy fashionista who loves experimenting with different styles. With her vibrant pink hair and stylish outfit, she is always ready to make a fashion statement. The attention to detail in her design is remarkable, from the intricate patterns on her dress to the tiny accessories that complete her look.

MAI – The Creative Soul

MAI is a creative soul who expresses herself through her unique fashion choices. Her pastel-colored hair and whimsical outfit reflect her imaginative personality. The intricate sculpting of her outfit and the delicate expression on her face truly bring out her artistic nature.


1/35 Scale Figures

These figures are crafted in a 1/35 scale, making them the perfect size to fit into any diorama or display. Their compact size allows for easy integration with other models and accessories, giving you endless possibilities for creating captivating scenes.

High-Quality Detailing

Masterbox has spared no effort in ensuring that every detail of Minami and MAI is meticulously crafted. From the intricate patterns on their clothing to the lifelike expressions on their faces, these figures showcase the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Easy Assembly

With their user-friendly design, these figures are a joy to assemble. The parts fit together seamlessly, allowing even beginners to enjoy the process without any frustration. Whether you are an experienced model builder or a novice, you will find great satisfaction in bringing Minami and MAI to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these figures be painted?

Yes, these figures can be painted to further enhance their appearance. They are made from high-quality plastic that is suitable for painting with acrylic or enamel paints.

2. Are these figures poseable?

No, these figures are not poseable. They are designed to be displayed in a fixed position, showcasing their intricate details and unique personalities.

3. Can I use these figures for gaming purposes?

While these figures are primarily intended for display purposes, they can also be used in tabletop gaming as non-playable characters or decorative elements. Their small size and intricate detailing make them a charming addition to any gaming setup.

In conclusion, Masterbox Kawaii Fashion Leaders – Minami and MAI are the perfect addition to any collection. Their adorable design, high-quality detailing, and easy assembly make them a must-have for both model enthusiasts and fans of kawaii fashion. Get ready to bring a touch of cuteness to your display with these delightful figures.