Home Zone Living 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can

Home Zone Living 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can

Home Zone Living 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can

Home Zone Living 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can


Waste management made easy. Designed to be hidden out of plain sight, while still easily accessible. The under counter design features ball-bearing gliders for a smooth slide with each motion and a convenient access handle to make retrieval a simple task. The included liner will feature a bag tuck band, allowing you to effortlessly secure your trash bags in place, making bag swaps a breeze. To use, simply grab the excess bag slack after installation, and tuck the excess slack underneath the rubber band. The minimum cabinet dimensions required for proper installation are 17.75鈥?x 11.20鈥?x 20.30鈥? Overall, this pull-out trash bin is a welcoming introduction to help promote a lifestyle of living made easy.

About this item

  • Under Counter Design: Keep your kitchen clutter free by placing the trash bin out of sight with an in-cabinet pull out trash system. Included is the mounting frame, hardware, plastic liner, and alignment guide for easy installation.
  • Slim Body Style: The slim, narrow style is designed to fit in tight spots under the counter while still leaving storage space for other kitchen essentials.
  • Easily Secure Your Bags: The included bag tuck band on the liner will help prevent trash bags from falling through. To use, simply tuck any excess bag slack under the rubber band included on the liner.
  • Smooth Sliders: The chrome plated steel frame with ball-bearing gliders allows for a smooth and secure sliding motion each time you pull out and push in the trash bin.
  • Easy Access Handle: Retrieval is a breeze with the easy to grab handle allowing you to slide the bin in and out of sight without the hassle of reaching deep into the cabinet.


15.75鈥?x 10.20″ x 19.30″.

Minimum Cabinet Dimensions Required

17.75鈥?x 11.20″ x 20.30″.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this trash can be installed in any cabinet?

For proper installation, the minimum cabinet dimensions required are 17.75鈥?x 11.20″ x 20.30″. Make sure to measure your cabinet before purchasing.

2. Is the bag tuck band included with the liner?

Yes, the bag tuck band is included with the liner. It helps to secure your trash bags in place, preventing them from falling through.

3. Can I use this trash can for recycling?

While this trash can is primarily designed for regular waste, you can also use it for recycling by separating your recyclable items into a separate bag or container.

4. How do I clean the trash can?

To clean the trash can, simply remove the liner and wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before reinserting the liner.

5. Is the installation process difficult?

No, the installation process is straightforward. The package includes a mounting frame, hardware, plastic liner, and alignment guide to assist you in the installation process.

Discover the Home Zone Living 29 Liter / 7.6 Gallon Pull-Out Trash Can, a convenient and stylish solution for waste management in your kitchen. With its under counter design, slim body style, and easy access handle, this trash can is perfect for keeping your kitchen clutter-free.