Extra Poles for a Neso Tent

Extra Poles for a Neso Tent

Extra Poles for a Neso Tent


The Neso Tents team is united in their love of the outdoors. They are friends, surfers, travelers, and hikers. Life happens outside. With a shared commitment to taking care of their bodies and our planet, and most importantly they understand that time with their families is precious.


  • Lay tent flat.
  • Fill bags until overflowing with sand or rocks. Cinch bags to end of cords; No need to tie closed.
  • Pull bags apart as far as possible to make large “X”. Fully stretch the fabric until taut.
  • Extend both poles.
  • Prop tent up with poles 1 ft from corners.
  • Enjoy your Neso!


Easy to pack up and throw in your luggage, Neso Tents offers coverage and protection when you’re exploring outdoors or on the go. Whether you’re exploring the trails of the Rocky Mountains or having a relaxing day at the beach, Neso Tents offers SPF 50+ coverage, are water-resistant, and are lightweight.

Lightweight, stakeless sun shade for protection at your sunny destination. Made of durable nylon lycra blend with reinforced corners. Patent Pending with the USPTO.About this item,4 connecting sections, totaling 1.7m in length (for Neso 1 Tent, 2.1mx21.m),Made of high-quality lightweight aluminum with nylon cords and a foam ball at the top,Patented Feet with grips

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the extra poles be used with any Neso Tent model?
  2. Yes, the extra poles are compatible with all Neso Tent models.

  3. How do I attach the extra poles to my Neso Tent?
  4. The extra poles can be easily attached to the corners of your Neso Tent for added stability and support.

  5. Are the extra poles lightweight and portable?
  6. Yes, the extra poles are made of high-quality lightweight aluminum, making them easy to carry and pack for your outdoor adventures.


With the extra poles for your Neso Tent, you can enhance the stability and durability of your tent, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or exploring the wilderness, Neso Tents has you covered.