AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor – Description

AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor – Description

AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor – Description

AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor


This Product is compatible with KIA SOUL 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023. The AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor is a 6-piece set designed to enhance your driving experience. With its 3M double-sided tape, installation is a breeze. Made in Korea, these visors provide an accurate fit for your vehicle.

Keep Rain Out, Let Fresh Air In!

Side window deflectors help reduce wind noise while driving, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful ride. With the windows partially open, these visors allow fresh air to circulate, removing stale air and odors. They are perfect for all driving conditions, especially in the rain. When the AUTOCLOVER visor is installed, the 1.2 inches space outside the vehicle window blocks rainwater and helps with ventilation.

Sun’s Ray a Bit Strong?

Transparent smoked tint is used in the AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor, allowing the driver’s eyes to be stress-free. The smoked tint does not block any view and reduces glare, providing extra comfort during your drive.

Easy Installation

No special hardware, drilling, or modification is necessary to install the AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor. It includes 3M adhesive tape that is already pre-cut and molded onto the edge of the visors. Simply peel off the backing and attach them to your vehicle.

Noise Reduction

Do you want to open your windows but can’t stand the noise? The AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor is the solution. It is specially made to reduce interior wind noise, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing drive. These visors also allow windows to be partially open for fresh air circulation and to let interior heat escape when parked with windows vented. They are perfect for when passengers are sleeping, when you have your music on, or even when you need to pick up a quick call.

Money Back Guarantee

We ensure quality control of all our products and guarantee quality customer service. Try the AUTOCLOVER Side Window Visor today and experience the benefits for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.