6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids – Paint by Number for Children Beginner

6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids – Paint by Number for Children Beginner

6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids – Paint by Number for Children Beginner

6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids


Welcome to the world of creativity and imagination with the 6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids! This paint-by-number kit is specially designed for children beginners, allowing them to create stunning acrylic watercolor paintings with ease. With easy-to-read numbers, beautiful colors, and step-by-step instructions, your child will be able to unleash their artistic potential and create masterpieces they can be proud of.



  • Pre-printed textured art canvas (without framed)
  • 2 high-quality paint brushes
  • Matched acrylic paints
  • Nail hooks

Easy to Paint

The paint-by-number format makes it incredibly easy for kids to paint. Each section of the canvas is marked with a number that corresponds to a specific color. Your child simply needs to match the numbers on the canvas with the numbers on the paint pots, making it a breeze to create beautiful and vibrant paintings.

Reference Picture

To help your child visualize the final result, a paper copy of the finished picture is included in the package. This reference picture serves as a guide, allowing your child to compare their progress and make any necessary corrections along the way. It’s a great tool to enhance their artistic skills and attention to detail.

Perfect Gift for Kids

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just a special occasion, the 6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids makes a perfect gift for children who love painting. It’s a fun and engaging project that can be enjoyed by kids of any skill level. Watch as their creativity flourishes and their confidence grows with each completed painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this kit suitable for beginners?

Yes, this paint-by-number kit is specifically designed for children beginners. The easy-to-follow instructions and numbered sections on the canvas make it simple for kids to create beautiful paintings.

2. Are the paints safe for children?

Yes, the acrylic paints included in the kit are non-toxic and safe for children to use. However, it is always recommended to supervise young children while they are painting.

3. Can the finished paintings be displayed?

Yes, the paintings created with this kit can be displayed. The package includes nail hooks, allowing you to easily hang the finished artwork on the wall or showcase it on a shelf.

4. What age range is this kit suitable for?

This kit is recommended for kids ages 8-12, but it can also be enjoyed by children as young as 4 years old with adult supervision.


Unlock your child’s creativity and artistic potential with the 6 Pack DIY Paint by Numbers for Kids. This paint-by-number kit provides a fun and easy way for children to create beautiful acrylic watercolor paintings. With its easy-to-follow instructions, reference picture, and high-quality materials, it’s the perfect gift for kids who love painting. Order your kit today and watch as your child’s imagination comes to life on canvas!